Repair facts to consider when choosing an auto body shop after an accident.

Repair facts to consider when choosing an auto body shop after an accident.
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Besides your home, your vehicle is typically the second largest investment you make in your life. It’s important to properly maintain and repair it to ensure the value of your vehicle is preserved. If you have been in an accident there are a few things to remember:

  • NEVER drive a vehicle that you feel is unsafe.
  • If you are questioning the safety of your car it’s best to call a tow truck to move your vehicle. Cars can be fixed or replaced a lot easier than people.
  • ALWAYS exchange insurance and contact information with those involved in the accident.
  • ALWAYS seek medical attention if you feel dizzy or pain in other areas of your body.

After the accident and Insurance companies get involved the Insurance company will often steer people to get estimates from their claims center before your vehicle can be repaired or want you to get multiple estimates. Instead of going to the insurance claims center they will often meet you at your house, work, or our shop to complete their estimate. REMEMBER: **There is no law requiring you to get more than one estimate. You also have the right to choose the repair shop you want to go to. They cannot require you to get repairs done at a particular shop.**

Here at Auto Body Specialists our body technicians are ATEG, ASE, and I-car certified. This ensures that your car will be fixed properly by the standards set by these high quality organizations. The automotive industry is constantly changing. Having our technicians certified ensures they are up to date on the newest technology and repair procedures.

Many parts are covered under warranty. Each manufacture typically warranties their parts for a certain amount of time. It could be 6 months, 1 year, or lifetime. It’s a good idea to ask your repair facility what kind of warranty they offer. Also, check to see if they warranty their work or their paint. Auto Body Specialists warranties all of our work and paint for as long as you own the vehicle.

It’s not uncommon for estimates to have differences in repairs and service work, which may not be in your best interest. Parts prices and work times can vary based on what computer software is being used. Often times lower priced estimates may not include all the work that needs to be done or could have aftermarket parts listed instead of new. Many of our vendors work with us by price matching to get new OEM parts put back on your vehicle. We work with your insurance company to get your vehicle fixed the way we would fix our personal vehicles. Our staff is here to serve you, our customer, not the insurance companies. If you have any questions your estimator will be more than happy to help explain any differences.


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Repair facts to consider when choosing an auto body shop after an accident.
Choose the auto body repair shop you want! There is no law that requires you use the shop Insurance companies recommend. Auto Body Specialists Inc. of Rockford