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Auto collisions happen and can lead to unforeseen hardships. And, while we can repair your vehicle’s auto body after a car accident we can’t heal injuries or replace lost time due to improper driving safety. Thus it’s important that our clients understand the new seat belt laws as they will directly impact the ones we love most.

There are some changes in 2014 to the car seat laws, as they apply to child safety. As an example: If the weight of the child and car seat exceeds 65 lbs the latch system should no longer be used. In 2001 a law was instated that recommended all children 65 lbs and smaller should remain in car seats or a booster seat. The weight of the car seat was not taken into account when passing this law. Car manufacturers do not guarantee the anchor strength if the weight of the seat and child exceeds 65 lbs.

Children who are 8 years old or younger are recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics to remain in a car seat or a booster seat. These laws differ from state to state. Check out this website to see what the law is in your state

How can you test to see if you are following these recommended guidelines? Weigh your child then weigh the car seat. If you add these numbers together you get the combined weight. If the combined weight exceeds 65 lbs the seat belt restraint system needs to be used instead of the latch system.

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2014 Changes to child seat belt laws. is your child safe?
In this blog post we discuss the recent 2014 changes to seat belt laws.